School Overview

Discovery Academy is a Specialist Academy for students aged between 7 to 16 years who either have a diagnosis of autism, or be on the diagnostic pathway. They may also have related Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs. Some children may also have specific learning difficulties (SPLD) which results in them working below age-related expectations in some subjects.

The Academy embodies an ethos whereby kindness, care and self-belief are the foundations to learning. Students thrive in an immersive learning environment where they own and progress the world around them to ensure that learning never stops.

Student happiness is a priority to us and we realise that all our students have experienced challenges along their journey so far. Staff expertly adapt learning to ensure students are engaged in all their learning and often don’t realise they are learning at all.

Learning takes place when students feel safe, stimulated and secure. In this, the play- based approach of challenged based learning ensures that learning takes into account stages of development for every student.

Dreamers, Believers, Achievers

Our Why – Vision…

• To improve the life chances of students

• To develop their self-worth and self-belief.

• To help them learn to respect and build relationships.

• To support them to dream along their own path of self-discovery.

Our How – Values…

• Ensure we build memories today.

• Ensure we thank each other today.

• Ensure we make the world a better place today.

• Ensure we lay our foundations of lifelong learning today.

• Ensure we discover our interest and potential today.

• Ensure we grow our capacity for happiness today.

Our What – Aims…

• Offer a global curriculum that is purposeful, relevant and collaborative, where learning is approached by examining the big questions.

• Offer an environment that gives a sense of belonging, safety, worth, dignity and hope.

• Offer an approach whereby all members of the school community have an entitlement and commitment to their own learning journey and self-discovery.

• Offer a community where parents, carers and families act as co-educators.

• Offer a culture that is built on curiosity, professional development and a focus on developing and connecting research into classrooms.

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Our Mission

Discovery Academy is located on the Norfolk Park Estate in Sheffield and is due to open to pupils in September 2022.

The Academy will be run by the awarding winning Nexus Multi Academy Trust, who already have nine special schools and a mainstream primary school across South Yorkshire; including Becton School in Sheffield.

For a child to be allocated a place, the academy must be named, by a local authority, in the child’s education health and care plan (‘EHCP’).

Meet The Team

Our Vision

We believe that inspiring young people with their learning is about giving them a sense of belief that they will achieve their full potential. It is this belief that runs through the core of the school in everything that we do.

We will ensure that every young person leaves Discovery as a well rounded young person ready for their next stage in life. We have a fantastic team of professionals that work in a very personalised way with each student. In order to do this we will ensure that we listen to you as families and ensure that we continue to be the ‘relentless family champions’ that you will need to support your child. I hope you will take the time to visit us at Discovery and choose us to be part of your child's exciting journey.

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