We are extremely excited about the opening of our new school. We are aiming to provide you with all of the information that you need; many of which is being developed as we speak, so please keep revisiting the website to keep up to date.

School Term Dates

Discovery school holidays and terms dates from September 2022 to July 2023 here

All dates are inclusive.

School finishes on Friday 21st July 2023

INSET Days 2022-2023

Thursday 1st September 2022 and Friday 2nd September 2022

Monday 31st October 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Monday 20th February 2023

Friday 31st March 2023

Autumn Half Term 1

Thursday 1st September until Friday 21st October 2022

Half Term: Monday 24th October until Friday 28th October 2022

Autumn Half Term 2

Monday 31st October until Friday 16th December 2022

Christmas Holiday: Monday 19th December 2021 until 2nd January 2023

Spring Half Term 1

Wednesday 3rd January until Friday 10th February 2023

Half Term: Monday 13th February until Friday 17th February 2023

Spring Half Term 2

Monday 20th February until Friday 31st March 2023

Easter Holiday: Monday 3rd April until Friday 14th April 2023

Good Friday 7th April 2023

Easter Monday 10th April 2023

Summer Half Term 1

Monday 17th April until Friday 26th May 2023

May Day Holiday: 1st May 2023

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 29th May until Friday 2nd June 2023

Summer Half Term 2

Monday 5th June until Friday 21st July 2023

School Meals

Catering Arrangements

We are fortunate to have both a larger and quieter seating areas inside at Discovery Academy. We will consider students wellbeing, their presentation and diagnosis on which seating area would be better for them each day. Due to the student’s needs, breaks and lunchtime will be covered internally by Teaching Assistants and Teaching staff.

School Prepared Meals

The meals service at Discovery will accommodate every diet and choice that the pupils have. Generally pupils will have a choice of 3 meals offered each day that is a cold option, a vegetarian option and a hot option. Where a child requires a specialised diet through choice related to their diagnosis or medical reasons we can accommodate this also. Fruit will always be available to pupils during their dinner and we will always encourage pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Packed Lunch

As an alternative option families may choose to send a packed lunch with their child. Discovery Academy will always encourage families to choose healthy options for their child and won’t allow chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks in the packed lunches.

Break Time Snacks

Healthy snacks will be available to buy at break times for a minimal fee, these are healthy in nature and available every day to ensure all pupils have access to the healthiest diet possible.

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School Uniform

We are recommending a standard uniform for Discovery Academy pupils that you can buy from any supermarket. The details are included on the attached link. We would like to work with pupils and families in the future to develop what the school uniform looks like together.

View our guide for more information:

View Guide


We take your child's attendance at school very seriously and encourage you to call school as soon as possible if your child is unwell and won't be attending school. If your child has difficulties in attending school we will engage with the family to support you by home visits and attendance plans. We also use parent/carer support plans if your child’s attendance becomes problematic.

As with all schools we are unable to sanction a family holiday in school term time.

Please notify us if your child is absent as soon as possible by telephone.

If your child is unexpectedly absent and we have not received a telephone call by 8:30am, we will endeavour to ring the parent/ carer in order to ascertain the child’s whereabouts.

If you are struggling with your child attending school please speak to your child's key worker so that we are able to help you and your child solve any issues that may have occurred.


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